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Is It Time to Decompress?

Welcome! Ok, so here’s the deal: We have a FULL Bonus Course at (click here to read all about it) that walks you through the weekly decompress…

Week, after week. Since you are here, please accept this “lite” version of that Bonus Course. What you’ll get is my favorite tool for managing my time and focus while I’m doing my own weekly decompress. You can sign up for the full PDF of information, or you can started by clicking right here and answering these 2 questions:

  1. What went well?
  2. What didn’t go so well?

Now, there are TWO more questions to answer, and you’ll see those when you sign up below, and receive the Weekly Decompress PDF. I started doing and teaching a weekly decompress back in 1997; yes, when I was a high school teacher! Now, over the decade-plus that I’ve been stopping to decompress my week, the process and even the questions have changed. What you have here is the most current (and best) version of this practice I know of. Here’s a note I received from a Premium GET MOMENTUM member after he registered the Weekly Decompress PDF.

Because of his note, I created this course.

Jason, The Decompression PDF you published is excellent! (I need to figure out how to print it out two-pages per side, then laminate it!) Thanks for sharing. One of the great things about AYN [Achieve Your Next] was how the PDF documents you create are supporting the content and made it more hands-on (I learn by doing). I wonder if something similar would help here – e.g. An exercise where you scan your to-do list and projects for things that are lingering (friction), and then look at those things from the perspective of ‘is someone else doing what I’m thinking of doing’, ‘Have I done something like this before’, can someone in my network support/motivate me?

Dan Lloyd
GetMomentum member since 2013

Enter your information below, and I will immediately send you the Decompress Special Report as a PDF. I will email weekly - on the day you select below - to remind you to take time to decompress. I even have a Productivity Touch Point postcard that outlines this review process, and I’d like to send that to you in the mail… I am 100% convinced this will increase your productivity. If it does not, contact me (click the Contact menu option) and I will spend as much time as it takes to coach you in a Productivity Strategy that will save you 60 minutes every day; that’s what people in GET MOMENTUM learn…